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Social Media Branding & Optimization

This is the first step any major label will have us take towards building the brand of a new artist. Once you identify your new single or release, we design all channels to be uniform and then we upload your designs & optimize each platform. Our main objective is to create clarity within your brand so when people land on your page, they stick around.


Social Media Content Management

How is an artist supposed to record hit records, post on social media 10 times a day, interact with their fans, headline a tour?? It’s not possible. If you want to take your career serious, you need an experienced team in your corner. We have been running social media content management for many major and indie artists alike.


Modern Website Fully Optimized Optimized

You need the best possible visuals for your brand. Your website is your home base and should be driving in attention from all your fans. We help design and develop a perfect functioning website to deliver exclusive content to your fans. Your fans should be able to subscribe to your website while being updated on your recent tours, shows, new releases and more.


YouTube And Soundcloud Marketing

Soundcloud & YouTube are the most popular social media platform for musicians to date. When you share your music you want to drive in attention, new fans, and followers. We are proud to say we help thousands of musicians worldwide build their brand with YouTube & soundcloud promotion. Release your music the right way and make sure you build your brand along the way with soundcloud & YouTube promotion.


Graphic Design for Musicians

Our portfolio speaks for itself! We have done covers for major artists and indie artists for the past 7 years. We have award winning designs and we want you to be next! We Deliver high quality graphic design for musicians and eye catchy themes for artists around the world.

You need a design team in your corner that understands what’s relevant and what people look for. We aim to enhance your brand and bring your vision to life. Our motto is “Genius is simple” and we look to keep things simple, clean, modern, but still powerful.


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