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Geddes Willis aka DreadRedd out of Polk County Lakeland Fl West Lakeland to be exact. Dread Redd age 23 started rapping when he was about 16. Back in the day it was for fun and Redd really didn’t think he would take it seriously he stayed focused on football and girls back then but that didn’t work out for Dread Redd as he thought. That’s when he started writing more music and promoting his music career. Redd grew around a lot of drugs, hustling, fast money and shooting. His pops was in prison for a while when Redd was a kid so he kinda grew up a lil faster than an average person. College wasn’t for him so I came home and had to work for everything I got everything building his empire out the mud.

2018 Releases 

2018 Music

​Dab Like This

​Out The Gutta”

True Hard-Core Not Your Industry Style Rap. Dread Redd Just Hijacked The Rap Game. 2018 Dread Redd  Signed By Green Game Entertainment LLC

Bothered By The Gas
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