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Emychelle is an extremely talented 29-year-old lesbian female rapper who has hit the Florida rap scene running. Emychelle has a beautiful 9 month-year-old son who is her literally her world. She was born in Plant City Fl, also known on the streets as the itty bitty. Emychelle has lived in Florida all of her life and stays active enjoying singing, basketball, and business investments. She is focusing mainly on becoming a legend in the music industry while also becoming a business entrepreneur in her spare time. A talented rapper who can write music and mastermind developing different styles of music. Emychelle has been awarded many certificates from Florida Technical college in medical billing and coding. Very driven and self-motivate. 


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See That Boy

True Hard-Core Not Your Industry Style Rap. BlackWaterzh20 Just Hijacked The Rap Game. 2018 BlackWaterH20 813 Signed By Green Game Entertainment LLC

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